View Full Version : Demoshield 8

05-17-2005, 10:37 AM
Just a quick question or two from a grizzled 7.53 vet... :D

One - Does demoshield 8 support Windows Longhorn or 64 bit apps? Will it run on this platform without any issues? I know there is a problem with some versions of Installshield not returning the correct windows system folder paths etc due to problems with WOW32 32 bit emulation.

Two - Does Demoshield 8 support Windows 98? 7.53 does run under this OS but with some *serious* problems (that were not in 7.51). Are there any issues regarding this support?

btw...the most serious Win98 problem I found was trying to launch applications using edit fields contained in an external .ini file - it didn't work. Variables work, but given the earlier bug regarding maximum variable lengths all our variables are stored as Edit Fields.