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05-02-2005, 03:14 PM
Welcome to InstallShield 11!

On behalf of the InstallShield team at Macrovision, it is my pleasure to announce the general availability of InstallShield 11 Professional and Premier Editions, and the opening of this new community for the discussion of Palm and Windows Mobile installation projects created with InstallShield 11.

InstallShield 11 is a paid upgrade from previous versions of InstallShield, including InstallShield 10.5, InstallShield X, DevStudio, Multi-Platform, Professional and Developer.

This new release has many new and enhanced capabilities that will enable software publishers to stay current with today’s technologies and industry standards to author reliable Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript™, and cross-platform installations, including:

MSI 3.1 Support (Windows)

You can use the functionality found in Microsoft’s recent Windows Installer (MSI) 3.1 release to simplify your patch deployment. InstallShield 11 includes support for the two new patch-related properties available with MSI 3.1: MinorUpdateTargetRTM and OptimizedInstallMode.

Try and Buy Functionality (Windows)

InstallShield’s Try and Buy functionality enables your end users to not only try, but also buy your software in a very simple manner. It works with the new InstallShield Activation Service to provide a seamless activation experience and ensure that your software has been legitimately licensed.

InstallShield Activation Service (Windows)

Your company already trusts and uses InstallShield. Now you can use this industry-leading solution for more than just authoring installations. Increase revenue, reduce piracy, and grow market share with the new InstallShield Activation Service. (Sold separately)

Oracle Database Support (Windows)

Only InstallShield comes with complete support for Oracle, enabling you to easily connect to Oracle database servers and run SQL Scripts as part of your installation. Configure any SQL script, regardless of the target database server, from a single view in the integrated design environment, create setups with SQL scripts that can be installed to any database server, and create SQL Scripts that will only run on a specific vendor’s database server.

IIS 6.0 Support (Windows)

InstallShield is the ultimate solution for deploying Web services with support for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) version 6. InstallShield’s support for IIS has been totally redesigned for greater ease of use. The top three enhancements for IIS 6 are support for application pools, Web Service Extensions, and the new IIS 6 properties.

Over 20 InstallScript Enhancements, Including 64-Bit Support (Windows)

In addition to Windows Installer (MSI) installations, InstallScript installations can now also install and register 64-bit files. Interaction with 64-bit system folders and the 64-bit registry are fully supported as well. This new functionality is supported for both Intel and AMD 64-bit platforms.

RPM Support (Universal)

InstallShield comes with complete support for RPM, enabling you to create professional-grade installations for the Linux platform, or any platform that has RPM installed.

Other featured enhancements include:

1. Simplify the process of adding device drivers to your MSI or InstallScript MSI project with full support for the new Driver Install Frameworks for Applications (DIFx) 1.1.

2. New objects and merge modules have been added to the Live Redistributable Gallery, making it extremely easy to add support for popular technologies such as DirectX, Crystal Reports, and WMI in your project.

3. Easily deploy an installation that can be condensed by your customers or System Administrators to suit their needs with the new Installation Condenser Functionality for Universal installations.

4. The new Build Automation Layer enables you to customize your builds without having to go through the Universal interface. This capability will enhance routine build processes and will be especially useful in cases where many projects or many project versions.

5. Assembly enhancements for Universal projects. The Collaboration Design and Assemblies functionality has been enhanced to include the ability for each installation on the target machine to have a dedicated add/remove program entry.

These represent only a few of the many new capabilities of this new release. To learn more about InstallShield 11, visit the InstallShield website at

I look forward to your questions and feedback in the Community, and to working with you to make our products the best they can be.

Best regards,

Bob Corrigan
InstallShield Product Manager

05-12-2008, 01:41 AM
Hi Bob,

Iam new to Install Shield and would like to know how I can get a product of Install Shield Version 11. I can find only Install Shield 2008 edition for trial . I got to use Install Shield 11 for my work. Please let me know the procedure to order for Install Shield Version 11.Thanks in advance.