View Full Version : DemoShield 8 - Extremely Slow

04-05-2005, 07:24 PM

I just completed my new CD Launcher using DemoShield 8. I've been using DS for quite some time and have to say I'm not impressed with v8, it actually looks like it took a turn for the worse from v7.x. First off, this has to be one of the slowest applications I've ever seen, at least in the past 5 years. It is extremely sluggish, not very user friendly, etc.

For starters, I don't know how long I spent trying to find the Demo Explorer and Gallery. I finally ran across the File menu and clicked Properties of the current file I believe it was, to view what I was looking for. I could never get rid of that left vertical explorer bar type area, wasted space! I would expect the Demo Explorer, etc. to be under the View Menu.

In 7.x you could right-click an object and quickly go right into the area, such as Actions. Now you can't, you go into the properties pages then click through the pages to get to the desired area.

It would be nice if the context menus had more information such as the ability to hide an object, set it's state, etc. from the right-click menu and not have to go through a lot of property pages, etc.

This really seems like the red headed step child of Macrovision/InstallShield and hoped for much better in today's day and age of software. This sure seems like a 16-bit application that just isn't cutting it for today's expectations!

My $.02.