View Full Version : Burned Demos wont autorun run on all computers

Glenda Hall
04-04-2005, 12:07 AM
:confused: I have been having problems with presentations have created in demoshield 8.0 not running on other computers. I have burned copies of the cd using easy cd creator and have finalized the cd so that is not an issue. Number 1 problem: it starts to run, and then it pops up a window looking for the database location (the window it opens, is the folder on the cd with the database) when the database is selected it starts again but then opens the same window, and never runs. Number 2 Problem: Nothing happens so I click Explore and it will run or see Problem Number 1. It has been tested on several PC's, and sometimes it runs with no problem at all and I have yet to figure out a common denominator....???? Any Ideas? Oh..... The original demo was created in an earlier version of demoshield. I edited the presentation in 8.0 and repackaged it. Anyone seen this sort of thing before?
HELP!!!!! Thanks so much, Glenda

Chandy Navarata
04-04-2005, 12:07 PM
It would help if you can zip the contents of the CD and upload to the community so we can further investigate this behavior. If the attachment is over 1 MB you can mail it to cnavaratan@macrovision.com.