View Full Version : Ikernel not appearing as a process in 10.5 builds

03-08-2005, 01:54 PM
My company is using another program to launch an installscript setup built with Installshield Pro 10.5. The program that "spawns" the setup.exe keeps an eye on Ikernel.exe and waits for it to end. Projects built with Devstudio 9.x or Installshield 7.x seem to work using this method, 10.5 doesn't seem to put an Ikernel.exe out there for the full term of the install, so the first program assumes that the installshield setup ended. Can any of the gurus tell me what changed between Devstudio 9.x and 10.5 with the usage of Ikernel.exe during an installscript install? All I'm seeing in processes during the installation is a .TMP file, is this what we should be seeing from now on?