View Full Version : The Demise of Demoshield!

03-07-2005, 12:58 PM
Hi All
As a former avid and enthusiastic user of Demoshield I see that the reasons why I stopped using Demoshield still exist.

Way back in 2000-2001 I personally recommended Demoshield to 5-6 large scale hi-tech companies in Israel (including 2 NASDAQ listed companies Intel and Comverse). At the time we were all very enthusisatic about the potential of Demoshield, until we realized that the Demoshield Management simply do not care about their customers.

Firstly they still have that ridiculous Demoshield logo in the closing scene which means that brand aware companies will not use it for major conferences or for large scale formal CD releases (Intel included). Secondly, their activation policy did not allow you to install a single purchased version on your desktop and laptop so if you travelled or wanted to work at home then you were stuck. Thirdly, their development team is clearly lacking motivation or simply does not have the ability to provide a high quality fully-featured product. You are all probably aware of the demo resizing limitations, problematic handling of Flash Files etc. etc. These problems have been going on for years.

I visit this forum occasionally in the hope that the Demoshield Team will get their act together. Unfortunately it seems they are going backwards rather than forwards. I saw with utter dismay the Panel they stuck in the middle of the work area (which apparantely cant be hidden). If the Product Manager who thought up that joke still works for Demoshield then it seems that Demoshield is clearly on the road to demise.

Martin Deitch
A disappointed and former user of Demoshield