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02-23-2005, 07:43 AM
I am currently evaluating ISProfGerman10.5 on basis of a huge setup project, which has been developed with IS7Prof.
The main goal of my move to IS10.5 is the creation of patches, especially QuickPatches. Since I am struggling for weeks already with IS10.0 and 10.5 I am under rather high pressure to verify that I can use 10.5 to solve my task.

Currently I am trying to create a patch between two builds, where for purpose of this patch test only very few files in components with dynamic file linking have been added resp. have been changed.

During creation of the patch I receive errors "VAL0004" for some files, all of them contained in components with dynamic file linking. All failing files have not been changed at all. Funny enough there are more unchanged files and components with dyn. file linking, which did not show as errors. I cannot see any system in which files have been listed as errors and which not.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this behaviour?

Please note: I did a similar patch test with IS10.0 without that problem (but others :mad: , which seem to force me to move to 10.5).


Some additional information:
The basis MSI has no patch optimisation (not required anyway), but the second, "new" MSI points to the basis MSI for patch optimization. As said - the same constellation worked with 10.0.
And as this is an error it prevents the path from beeing built, so I cannot just ignore the message, having in mind that the files are not changed anyway.

03-02-2005, 07:33 AM

Hope this link helps you in resolving the issue

helpnet.installshield.com/Robo/BIN/Robo.dll?tpc=/robo/projects/installshield10-5helplib/Validators.htm - 7k - 2004-11-15

03-02-2005, 07:45 AM
Thanks - I knew that description of VAL0004 already.

The problem is, that the validation message says "The file ā€œ%sā€ in component ā€œ%sā€ is different from the file in the previous package...", but in fact the files are identical :confused:

Anyway - as I decided to use QuickPatch instead of a "full" patch, this problem does no more prevent me from working.

Thanks againg and
best regards,