View Full Version : SCC Link Still Not Working Properly?!

02-21-2005, 12:50 PM
I am still (after 3 versions) unable to get the InstallShield IDE to work properly with source control. Simply adding my test project to Version Manager:

I receive various errors such as “This IDE does not allow files to be added outside of the project workspace”.

It creates another project folder in VM - $/Test/Test/Script Files for example.

“Test.ism is in use by another user…” (which may be a VM result)

<VARIOUS_FILE_NAMES> was/were “dropped from the Add To Source Control operation”

Does anyone know how or have you been able to get this to work properly? How can you have a “clean build environment” if you cannot integrate it with source control (just short of manually working with VM, bleah :) )