View Full Version : Exit splash screen

02-13-2005, 08:48 PM
I just checked out the PDF document (on the Demoshield web site) showing the licence agreement for Demoshield.

I can't find anywhere in there that give Demoshield the right to display the splash screen at the end of the demo.

We are (or maybe that should read, "were") using the product to package our own software, which is installed using Installshield.

We used to be able to get around the exit splash screen in V5.5 by use of the "closing.bmp" file.

However, version 8 still allows you to use the Closing.bmp, but it now puts it's own advertising graphic under the closing.bmp image! Not happy - and neither is my managing director.

He wants to know where we send the bill! We charge $1 per CD to advertise a third party product. We distribute approx. 1500 cds to our clients four times a year. That adds up to around $6,000 per annum. So...... Demoshield people, please advise an address where we can send the invoice. :mad: