View Full Version : Beginnings of MP3 sounds are randomly clipped

02-03-2005, 10:49 AM
Lately I've been noticing problems with MP3s played back via streaming media objects. The first 1.5 to 2.5 seconds of a sound don't play even though the sound starts on time. At first I thought it might be a conflict with having Windows Media Player (which I use to play the streaming media objecdts) open at the same time as running the demo, but I've ruled that out.

I wonder if this could possibly have anything to do with the file size of the DBD files themselves. I'm seeing this problem in demos that were recreated based on the same videos that showed an earlier version of our software (at least for those areas where there are no new features). The earlier version demos did not do this, and the actual streaming media objects themselves (nor the MP3s) have not changed one iota--I simply copied the DBD files and created new automation resources that show the new version of our program. However, the earlier versions of the demos were substantially smaller in file size, having been captured in 256 color depth whereas I have, of necessity, been capturing the new ones at 16-bit color depth, resulting in much larger files.

As an example, this morning, the first two times I ran CMRP1.DBD with both sound playing and the corresponding text enabled and showing, no sound was clipped at all. Then I ran the video five more times with sound and text; each time there was at least one sound clipped, but it's never the same sound more than twice (i.e., sounds that are clipped sometimes are just fine other times). Often the same sound would be clipped two runs in a row but be fine the third time. Never more than two or three sounds clipped in the whole video.

I then ran the same demo three times with only sound (no text), and there were no clipping issues on any sound in any instance. I don't know why it should make any difference, though, because the "text" option just shows text objects that start at the exact same time as the streaming media objects for the MP3s.

Has anyone else had a problem with the first few seconds of streaming MP3s being randomly clipped off even though the audio file starts exactlty when it should?