View Full Version : Using custom Objects with Standalone builds

02-03-2005, 08:41 AM
I am just starting to try my hand with standalone builds. So far most things are in place, however, I do have one problem.

My project has several merge modules. I fixed the issue with setup not seeing the InstallShield Merge Modules, however, I cannot get setup to find the custom merge modules I have built.

Within the log file for the merge modules I get the following errors:

"ISDEV : warning -9005: InstallShield object stock wizard is not currently registered on this system.
ISDEV : warning -9001: Wizard file ' ' does not exist.
Registeration of InstallShield object 'MSDE2000' succeeded"

The second object needs my custom MSDE2000 and so, when it builds I get the following error:

"ISDEV : error 125: Unable to load InstallShield Object(s): MSDE\MSDE2000"

The media is never built.

My first approach to solving this was to simply copy the contents of the custom MSDE2000 Media folder to the Script\ObjectsPro folder within the InstallShield 10.5 StandaloneBuild folder.

However, this does not solve the problem. The problem must stem from this missing wizard or something.

1. What is the problem with the missing stock wizard? Is there a method to obtain this.
2. Is it necessary to copy the built object media to the Script\ObjectsPro folder?

Thanks for your help.