View Full Version : SQL Script - Custom Error Handling

01-20-2005, 01:11 PM
I recently upgraded my installscript MSI project from X to 10.5

The custom error handling for my SQL scripts (which worked under installshield X) now seems to be broken.

From what I can tell, installshield is no longer catching and/or using the behavior defined for these user defined SQL error numbers.

Why doesn't this functionality work under this new version of installshield?

Has anybody else encountered this problem?


Here is some more information as to what I am doing in the install.

At the top of each SQL script I check the version of my database and if it matches I proceed to execute the next step, otherwise I catch the error and execute the next script.

Here is my version check:

DECLARE @DBVersion varchar(20)
SELECT @DBVersion=MyDBVersion FROM MyTable
IF @DBVersion <> '1.00.0038'
RAISERROR (50101, 16, 1)