View Full Version : Always uninstall before install

01-16-2005, 03:32 PM

Using Installshield 10.5 Basic Msi Version 2.x


I want allways uninstall an older version of our product before installing a new version.
I worded with major upgrade, but our requiremnts for a well running product don't meet the windows rules for the minor/ major upgrade.

Also I'm still confused about the msi upgrading mechanism.

I want the possibilty to add/ remove features or move components to other features without using the major upgrade mechanism. As I read in help moving/ removing components requires changing product code (GUID) and doing a major upgrade.
Doing the major upgrade also requires changing product version, which makes using the version number in an automated build process very complicated. That means the version number is not only in my hand.

By the way is there a rule which part of the product version has to be changed to make windows installer use a major/ minor upgrade. Is changing the build number(third and last part of version number) sufficient enough for a major upgrade ?

To keep away from the major upgrade rules there seems to be something to help me.
I read about leaving minimum and maximum version number blank in a major upgrade item to force always an uninstallation before a installtion(upgrade). Is this right ?

What is the part of upgrade code ? Is it automatically changed when adding a major upgrade item ?

Another question about product code:

I read making a major upgrad requires changing the product code.
How can installer then detect an old version if the new version has a another product code ?
As far as I understood it will result in two coexisting versions on the same machine -
something we can not do.

The best way seems to be always uninstall a previous version befor installing a new version.

Any help, really confused about all the conditions and requirements simply bringing some files to another machine.