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01-10-2005, 01:29 PM
I am brand new to this installshield world.

I want to connect a database from installshield and get some records based on user input and manipulate a xml file and store that into my install folder

How i can do this? (first, can able to do this)..

User will just give database server name and database name .. product id.

based on these three values i should connect database and based on product id .. i should retrive a record from product table .. and manipulate a xml file and store that into my install directory...

How i can do this.. any idea????

thanks in advance:
Durairaj Avasi

01-10-2005, 02:14 PM
I have seen duplicate posts in other forums, which product and version do you have? What's the project type used? The responses you get in one forum (for that particular proudct, version, and project type) may not be applicable to a different product, version and project type.

01-10-2005, 02:59 PM

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the duplications. (because i was not sure where to fish gurus like you)..

However: here is the detail:

I am using

Installshield Version 10.0
Service pack 1.0
I am talking about "InsallScript Project"


01-10-2005, 03:27 PM
Interested parties please follow up here (http://community.installshield.com/showthread.php?t=142928).