View Full Version : Installing an "Upgrade"

01-07-2005, 07:40 PM
I'm very new to Installshield X Express and have a couple (at least!) of things that I don't understand how to do.

I have an existing application installed on end-user pc's, these use every version of Windows from 95 on, and I need to supply a new version. The existing installation was not done by InstallShield (it was actually done by a Wise Installer). Unfortunately when that install was created there was a typo in it's title that wasn't noticed :o and I now need to correct it as part of this upgrade. I would ideally like to simply change the registry entry for that install but I suspect that if I did that then the uninstall would no longer work. But then the old uninstall won't work after this upgrade anyway!

Q1. Would I be better uninstalling the previous app first then installing the new version with the correct name?
Q2. If it's better to uninstall, how can I do that from within this install?

The previous version creates a registry entry showing where it is installed - a full path to the install folder.
Q3. How can I look for that key in this install, and, if it exists, use that as the default install path, if it doesn't exist then offer the user a default path?

The previous install creates two subfolders below AppPath with various files in them. This install needs to supply two new files and delete two old ones that are no longer used.
Q4. How do I delete these old files?

Thanks for any help - it is much appreciated. :)