View Full Version : Demoshield 8: Embedded Flash Movie keeps disappearing

12-29-2004, 04:35 PM
I've already submitted a support issue about this but hoped someone else might be able to help with an problem that appears to exist with embedded flash movies.

I have a flash movie that I've embedded in a Demoshield 8 demo that has its' own buttons that are part of the flash movie itself. These buttons perform navigation within the flash movie and control the timeline of the flash movie. Just as an example, I have a button that when clicked should only advance the flash movie one frame forward. This button is associated with the following flash action: on (release) {nextFrame();}

When this button is pressed within the flash movie, the flash movie completely dissappears from within the demoshield demo. But if I let the flash movie keep playing (it's set to automatically loop) for a while, the problem eventually dissapears and the button worked correctly. So it appears that immediately upon starting a flash movie, this problem exists but eventually corrects itself given enought time. I recreated this problem consistantly using a variety of different flash movies, different computers and different operating systems.

The reason this is a big deal is that for flash movies, basic control of the flash timeline is heavily dependent on using very commonly used actions such as stop(), gotoAndStop(1), prevFrame(), nextFrame(), etc. All of these actions cause the an embedded flash movie to dissapear. This issue would make Demoshield incompatible with a large percentage of flash movies, mine included. Any ideas?


02-18-2005, 09:00 AM
I have added a flash movie using the flash object but it also dissapears half way through.

I have called tech support but they want me to pay $400 to solve this issue. I just payed $400 to purchase this software on the assumption that what they advertised on the web site was true.

Easily add Flash movies into your demonstration with drag-and-drop ease. Show your product in action, demonstrating complex capabilities and features.
end quote:::

This is the first thing I have tried to do with demoshield 8 and it does not work.

Does anyone know what causes a flash movie to dissapear mid demo?