View Full Version : Best Practice for Multiple EXE's

12-29-2004, 10:55 AM
I am re-writing an IS 6.x Pro project that is one application with multiple exe's. Our app is a main menu app that calls 17 other applications. What is the best practice (or at least strongly suggested :) ) to create an installer that will be update capable. Should each exe have its own project (yikes!?) or just the ones that need icons (currently only 6 of the apps have stand alone icons to call them)? I have been successful in maintaining the existing installers, but we are looking to take advantage of the update technology, and we would like to roll up 2 installers into one (one product is a subset of the master product).

Any guidence would be greatly appreciated, I just want to know what path to go down so that I don't end up back-tracking after discovering I went the wrong way!