View Full Version : Use of the SHIFT key

12-24-2004, 04:40 AM
Does anyone know how to select multiple objects within the timeline editor window? It looks as if CTRL and SHIFT do the same.

I am constantly wanting to select a whole group of objects and end up just holding down SHIFT or CTRL and having to click on each in turn.

I'd select them graphically, but that way you end up selecting items you don't want.

I would have thought Demoshield would have followed the Windows standard use of SHIFT and CTRL.

Oh, and another question. When I copy and paste objects from one scene to another Demoshield messes about with the the order of the objects, so those which were on top when copied are now behind when pasted. Yet another anomaly.
Am I the only one having these problems or am I expecting too much??

On a positive note, I did use Demoshield to produce the front end to a fantastic new product we have been involved with. You may be interested in the front screen view. It pushed Demoshield (and me) to the absolute limit, but after weeks of hair pulling and nail biting I finished it.

12-28-2004, 06:12 PM

I've created a Feature Modification request (Work Order #1-12FNYW) for this issue. At this moment, there is no estimated time frame for when this issue will be fixed. You can use the Shift key with the expected behavior in the Demo Explorer. This also selects the objects in the TimeLine Editor. If the Demo Explorer is not visible, select Demo Viewer in the View Menu and click the Demo Explorer tab in the Demo Viewer.

I hope this is helpful.