View Full Version : Installer for one product uninstalling another product

12-23-2004, 12:20 PM
We have multiple applications in a suite of software. In order to keep all the duplicate data intact (parent installation folder, company info, copyright info, etc.), we duplicated the InstallShield X Express file for one application to use as the installer for another application in the suite. (Duplication was tried two ways, first by copying the file using the OS, next by using "Save As..." from within InstallShield X Express, each with the same result.)

In the copy, we changed the Upgrade Code, Product Code, Product Version, Product Name, and INSTALLDIR. However, the installer for this second application in the suite uninstalls the first application in the suite if it was previously installed. We thought that changing the Upgrade Code would define a new product.

These two products use the UpdateService, so they each have a Product Signature. This Product Signature is not changed by pressing the "Generate GUID" button for the Upgrade Code. Nor does the Product Signature have its own "Generate New Product Signature" button. Even so, one would think that this might affect updates, but not cause the product to uninstall another product with a different Upgrade Code.

If the Product Signature is the problem, is there a way to generate a new Product Signature that won't step on any other toes and will perform its intended tasks? Or does the problem lie somewhere else?

Thank You for any Help,