View Full Version : What does setup.exe exactly do?

Brad Peterson
12-21-2004, 07:08 PM
I've ran into a problem with patching and setup.exe. Here's the problem:

When I created my first 1.0 base install, it gave me a setup.exe. From what I gather, it makes sure the current Windows Installer will be available. Then, it may uncompress your .cab file, and then run your .msi install package. That's wonderful! That is a very useful thing!

However, when I create a patch to version 1.1, I can use the files InstallShield gave me to create a new 1.1 base install as well. BUT, I no longer have a setup.exe. It just gives me the .msi file to launch, and that's it. Well, what if a brand new customer has a windows 98 machine and doesn't have the newest Windows Installer Engine? Then, our new base install would say they need to download the newest Windows Installer Engine, and then quit. This is *exactly* what setup.exe was designed to prevent, but I no longer get a setup.exe when I make a new 1.1 base install.

So, my next idea is then to use the original setup.exe file that came with the 1.0 base install and hope it works for the new 1.1 base install. That's why I'm wondering what the setup.exe does. Does setup.exe simply act as a Windows Installer Engine version checker, an extracter, and a .msi launcher? Or does it do some versioning checks or whatever that would completely mess up this whole concept of mine?

For example, if I take the setup.exe that came with the 1.0 base install and place it in the same folder as my 1.1 base install, and then run setup.exe, will it work?