View Full Version : Problem Reading the Registry.

Michael Johnson
12-20-2004, 02:21 PM
This problem behaviour pertains to a Demoshield V7.53 CD Browser and an application Setup (created with Installshield Developer V7.0) which it launches.

The CD Browser is written to first check the registry for the version number of the application already installed and report it to the user upon initial entry of the CD Browser and again after the user launches the application Setup from the CD Browser in order to upgrade the application.

After the CD Browser reads a registry key (I'm using both the Demo-Proprieties-Global dialogue, as well as via the Read Registry Key action to set a global variable) which contains a string representing the version number of the installed application, I believe the application’s Setup is then not able to properly maintain the registry key.

The application has no problem adding (on installation) or deleting (on uninstallation) the registry key when Demoshield is not running.

When the application Setup is launched from the CD Browser:

1) On application installation, the Setup’s ISDev script attempts to add the key with a string value containing the application version number but what actually happens is that the key is added but the string value is left blank.
2) On application UNinstallation through the CD Browser, the ISDev uninstall script attempts remove the key but what actually happens is that the key remains behind and the string value it holds is blanked out.

Have you seen this before and/or have any ideas what I can do to resolve this?