View Full Version : Pathing Issue , Customs Action Issue

12-20-2004, 04:45 AM
1. I have created a install shield project from the VS.NET IDE. I have configured it to get automatic updates by using the Update Service.

It is correctly detecting if there is a active update patch but when i try to install same patch twice it installs without any issues. So point here is that the update manager should detect if the patch is already installed or not and display correcponding message. This is not happening . It is installing every time. So if i have to do this on every application launch how to get around this.
If this is possible can any body tell me how to implement the same functionality using the Update service SDK.

2. I want to write a custom action which check if WMEncoder is installed
with a version >= 9.0. How can i do it. Can i specify such a condition.