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12-08-2004, 09:51 AM
Using Windows Installer 2.0 in InstallShield Express 5, I created an installation package (2.0.9 Installation) and then later a quick patch for it (version 2.0.10 Update). I was asked to create a new release package using the 2.0.10 files to make it easier for new customers to install, so I created a new package, 2.0.10 Installation, and copied the same GUID's into this new release, thinking they would remain as copied. Since the GUID was the same and the files were the same, and the programs were all the same, I thought it would be OK.

Later we updated the program files again and had to create another update (2.0.11). Using the 2.0.10 Update package (which was created from the 2.0.9 installation) I crafted the 2.0.11 Update. It worked great if you applied it to the initial 2.0.9 family (installation and upgrade). But I was gravely disappointed to see that it did not work at all with the 2.0.10 Installation. I opened the package and found that the GUID had not remained totally the same! - thus this update would not work with it as it is from a different family.

I contacted Microsoft and InstallShield, and am told it should be possible, but I do not know enough yet to do this myself. I think I should be using the ListOfTargetProductCodes - and was also looking at ListOfPatchGUIDsToReplace...

Can anyone tell me how I can construct an update that allows me to link two releases (based on two different GUID's) having the same files together, so that I can go back to having just one update for both releases?


Christopher Painter
12-08-2004, 10:19 AM
I would use a major upgrade. The upgrade table supports locating product codes for more then one upgrade code. This way your new release would uninstall any of the various flavors of your previous installs then install the latest bringing you to a standard baseline.

If you have Office 2003 handy open up the MSI file in direct edit mode and look at the upgrade table. Microsoft has put 76 upgrade rules in O2K3 Pro. This is done because they literally have dozens of product codes floating around out there that are all part of one family.