View Full Version : IIS virtual directory within subdirectory

12-06-2004, 06:07 PM
Using IS 10.5 Web Project, within the IDE (Server Configuration -> Internet Information Services), how do we create a virtual directory within a directory?

i.e. Consider the following folder structure under "Default Seb Site":

I would like to know how to create VirtualDir2 - I cannot see how to navigate and create this.

btw, tried specifying a display name of "VirtualDir1/SomeFolder/VirtualDir2", however this appear to break/corrupt my IIS install on Win2003.

Allan. :confused:

12-09-2004, 08:10 PM
Right oh - I believe I have identified the problem and have a workaround.

It looks like InstallShield was trying to create the virtual directory in the subdirectory (VirtualDir2) before the top level virtual directory (VirtualDir1). The thing is VirtualDir1 referenced a folder outside the root directory for the web. This means without VirtualDir1, there was not folder structure to create VirtualDir2.

Workaround - it appears like the Virtual Directories are created in an order based on the alphabetical order of their corresponding component names ??? - changed the names and it is working, change them back and it breaks. (btw, IMHO the workaround seems a bit risky - so I will follow up with support...)