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12-03-2004, 05:45 AM

I use DemoShield 7.53 and I'm experiencing some difficulties. I have to launch demo2 from demo1, and be able to go back if need arises. If start by launching demo2 from demo1, as soon as I try to go back wether by a Stop Demo, or relauching demo1 from demo2 Demo32.exe crashes.

Interestingly, if I start by launching demo1 from demo2 and can go back an forth from one to another, for ever and a day.

Anybody has any idea about what could be causing that behavior ?

Thanks in advance.


12-03-2004, 10:21 AM
Off the top of my head I couldn't venture much of a guess as to why you're having the problem you're having. But I can tell you what works for me. I've been doing it this way for years (starting in DS 6.x and now in 7.53), and I haven't had a problem.

I accomplish this using a launch application action in what you would call demo2.dbd. All my DBDs are in the same folder, so my launch application looks like this:

Application Name <path>demo32.exe<path>
Set current working directory? No
Application Command Line (various variables are passed, and then) <path>demo1.dbd<path>
Wait for the application to end? No
Message to display if application not found None

Hope this helps.

12-06-2004, 04:37 AM
Hi Ethan,

thanks for your reply. What I ended up doing was to create a third demo, let's call it demo0, which duplicates demo1's functionality up to the scene where I have to launch demo2, and allows me to launch demo1 to continue as was previously planned. I'm able to launch demo1 and demo2 from demo0 and come back.

I'm still baffled as to why I can't launch demo2 from demo1 and comme back. DemoShield can be really frustrating at times. :mad: