View Full Version : folder structure problem

12-02-2004, 12:24 PM

we have installshield express 3.5. we have developed a product using vb6. in our project we have a support folder call "forms". so whenever we installed our product the forms folder will placed on applicaiton path. the folder will contain some sub folders and each folder having some files.

now the problem is now we have upgraded our product. so using live update module (in our program) we are replaing the files. so that time we plan to change the Forms Folder structure. like we removed some of the sub folders & file and added a new folders & files.

after that the user try to open the applicaiton its start giving a error
"Prepaing to install..."

how to avoid this error on future? like we will change the folder structure and remove some of the files. i mean the install shield should not looking for those changes. so is it any other properties available on installshield?