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11-23-2004, 03:45 PM
I got this response on copy protection from www.softwarekey.com:
Anyone know of any easy copy-protection technique with Demoshield?
Anyone know whether Demoshield can call and external 32 bit dll?
What options does Macrovision provided in respect to copy protection software for Demoshield?

I am not really sure if Demoshield will work properly with Instant PLUS, or
one of the APIs that comes with Protection PLUS. I am not sure if DemoShield
has the ability to call to an external 32-bit DLL or Active X Control.
Instant PLUS is our "wrapper" technology, which allows you to put a shell
around your code, which handles all the license checking. Instant PLUS only
works on properly formatted "Pure Executes"(or PE format). Visual Basic 6,
Visual C++ 6, and a list of other compilers use this format. This format is
not compatible with 16-bit or .NET based executables or binaries. To see if
this will work with DemoShield, I would suggest downloading our Trial version
of Protection PLUS and trying Instant PLUS on our executable.
We also have a full list of APIs that come with Protection PLUS (a DLL,
Static Library, Active X Control, and .NET Control) in which you would be able
to implement into your program.

12-20-2004, 01:09 PM
I guess after 579 views there is a lot of interest, but no Macrovision solution.
The product activation system that Demoshield 8 is using is inferior to the activation system that Macromedia is using with Captivate. I just bought a new Dell computer and I have found that the activation system of DS 8 breaks when you do a Windows XP Systems Restore as I had to do in getting my new system properly configured. I try to activate Demoshield via a web activation and I get an error message. So I will be forced to call Demoshield and complete the activation over the phone. And if I want to move the Demoshield to a new computer, I will need to call again. Captivate, however, has a "transfer license" feature that worked flawlessly during my computer moves.