View Full Version : How to make an upgrade.

11-23-2004, 06:29 AM
Can anybody simply explain, how to make an upgrade with Express. I want the setup to be both an upgrade and first setup.

11-24-2004, 03:57 AM
To create a setup for your update, use the Upgrade Paths or quick patch functionality. If you have previous version of your application and want to ensure that end users are able to upgrade to the current version without having to uninstall the previous version and installs current version, use upgrader path view to indicate upgrade info.
The product and version number of your new product must be different than the product code and version number of previously distributed products of upgrade to be successful.

If you are using the default Product/Version scheme (major.minor), you do not need to include the Update Service run time with your update package. However, if you selected a custom version scheme, you must include the Update Service run time with your update package to increment your version number

To update a version of your product installed on an end user's system, Windows Installer supports different types of updates, and different methods for packaging updates for deployment to the target system. In the Express edition of InstallShield, you can create a major upgrade, which distributes the update as a full installation package that updates an existing product if any are installed, or behaves as a first-time installation if no earlier version is present.

In a major upgrade, the product changes are large enough to merit changes to both the product version number and the product code, as well as the package code. An example is updating version 1.2 of a product to 2.0. A major upgrade acts like a first-time installation if an earlier version is not present. If an earlier version is present, a major upgrade uninstalls the earlier version and then installs the new version.

11-24-2004, 10:07 AM
Succesfully did it. Thx.

Now I have to implement option to upgrade application but leave MSDE installed. MSDE was installed first time.
I was reading about REINSTALMODE and REINSTAL switches, but I just couldn't succed runung upgrade without uninstaling MSDE also ?????