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The V Man
11-21-2004, 11:39 PM
Once again a so called simple update turns out to be bug after bug after bug...

In my InstallShield X project if using the full CD build of MY PRODUCT to do an upgrade, the install detects that it is an upgrade (see screen grabs attached, "resume" is part of custom skin) but after installing 10.5 and building my product installs with that, I now get a completely different outcome. I am presented with a "Resume" install window.
What is going on ....

I need a fix immediately; we cannot release our product with these problems.

The V Man

11-23-2004, 04:06 AM
This kind of thing confused me too when I was using Developer8. In that case I found the key factor was the Package GUID (as opposed to the Product GUID). If the package GUID matched that of the previously installed product then OnResume() was called but if the package GUID was different then OnUpgrade() was called instead. Its just an idea that may help you.

The V Man
12-02-2004, 01:36 AM
Thanks Rodger,

I understand what you are saying, but it turns out that the converted project from X to 10.5 somehow does not have the correct setting.

"- In the Upgrades view, select the Upgrade Windows Installer Setup. What is the Small/Minor Upgrade Settings section on the right-hand panel set to. This should be Prompt.
- After building the project, in the [Startup] section of the setup.ini, the following line should be present:

Thanks to IS Support.

Vince. :rolleyes: