View Full Version : .net C# wizard with multiple projects

11-16-2004, 07:02 AM
I have just upgraded to IS10.5 specifically so that I can build a windows installer based setup that is slightly more advanced than that available using the built-in MS installer in visual studio.
The .SLN file contains 3 separate C# projects. When I run the wizard it churns away for a while, starts visual studio, tells me it is adding the install to the solution..... and does nothing!
I've since tried running the wizard with each project separately. One of the projects works correctly (i.e. an install project is added to the solution), the other two fail to add the install project to the solution. There do not appear to be any error logs generated to explain the failure.
The MS installer copes with this project structure seemingly without any problems, so has anyone any ideas what I have to do to get Installshield to work?