View Full Version : Printing problems

11-11-2004, 06:54 PM
I need to print a specific image from a demo.(just the image, not the whole screen)
How can I do that? Thanks

11-12-2004, 09:30 AM
If you need to print an image of a demo that is playing (i.e., not inside Designer):
1. Make sure the demo has focus and press Alt+PrintScreen
2. Open an image editor such as MS Paint or Paint Shop Pro, or open Word.
3. Pres CTRL+V to paste the image into the application you just opened.
4. Print from the application.

If you need to print an image that is inside the Designer but not in a completed demo:
1. Save the demo and run it, and follow the steps above.
1. In Designer, Press CTRL+Enter to open the Resource Manager.
2. Click the Image tab.
3. Select the image you want to print, and click Export.
4. Browse to the desired location and click OK.
5. Access the location to which you exported the image and double-click it to open it, then print.

Hope this helps.