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11-03-2004, 07:41 PM
Welcome to InstallShield 10.5!

On behalf of the InstallShield team at Macrovision, it is my pleasure to announce the general availability of InstallShield 10.5 Professional and Premier Editions, and the opening of this new community for the discussion of InstallScript installation projects created with InstallShield 10.5.

InstallShield 10.5 is a paid upgrade from previous versions of InstallShield, including InstallShield X, DevStudio, Multi-Platform, Professional and Developer.

This new release has many new and enhanced capabilities that will enable software publishers to author strong and reliable Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScriptâ„¢, and cross-platform installations, including:

XML File Changes View (Windows & Universal)

Drastically reduce development time by creating installations that will easily edit XML files on the target machine. InstallShield 10.5's new XML File Changes view makes it a lot easier to create setups by never having to use .NET code, Document Object Model, or any other complex method to update XML files.

Trialware Functionality (Windows Premier Edition)

Now publishers can create fully-functional trial versions of their software in just a few steps. No hardware dongles or code modifications are required. Using InstallShield 10.5's new Trialware functionality, software publishers can quickly get their product into the marketplace as a protected, time-limited evaluation version to let customers try before they buy.

Collaboration Design and Assemblies (Universal Premier Edition)

With Collaboration Design, InstallShield 10.5 introduces the concept of Assemblies that allow components to be shared across many different projects by simply plugging them in. This new functionality will significantly change the way applications are built, deployed, and maintained.

Other featured enhancements include:

1. The new InstallShield 10.5 supports all projects built with Microsoft's new MSI 3.0. Set patch metadata in patch packages, configure uninstallable packages, and more.

2. Local and Network Repositories allow Windows setup authors toy create a custom dialog once, publish it to the new Repository, and then use it in multiple projects.

3. InstallShield 10.5 extends installations to include MySQL database servers in addition to SQL Servers, IIS Web Services, and Ant Target Processors.

4. The new Compact Engine is included in InstallShield 10.5. to create installations with the industry's smallest overhead.

5. And with InstallShield 10.5, software publishers can keep their customers on the latest product release by delivering patches, updates, and marketing messages to end users after they have installed an application with the Update Service Starter Edition.

6. For Universal projects, InstallShield makes it possible to specify a unique VPD location on the target machine with the enhanced Vital Product Data Registry.

These represent only a few of the many new capabilities of this new release. To learn more about InstallShield 10.5, visit the InstallShield website at

I look forward to your questions and feedback in the Community, and to working with you to make our products the best they can be.

Best regards,

Bob Corrigan
InstallShield Product Manager

08-04-2007, 06:35 AM

I have a problem with my Install Shield X Professional s/w.

I Have filled the Product Information in General Information,
I have used Release wizard to generate Single Executable.
Here the problem is if see the executable properties, under version tab instead my product name and its version i am getting Install Shield information.

I have urgent requirement.

Could your provide the solution.

ABB India