View Full Version : Problem with Custom Setup type

10-20-2004, 05:57 AM
I'm developing an Installshield wizard for a .NET application that is intended to install various DLL's for different features depending upon the installation requirement. I've set up a custom type that should allow the user to pick and choose which features can be selected.

BUT when I tested the application with the custom setup selected, NO features are displayed. I've selected all the options that seem applicable for the features and no matter what I do, I still get an empty box where feature selection should be.

I am using an evaluation version of IS X Express so have I hit a feature that is withheld?

I would appreciate some assistance on this matter :)

10-20-2004, 10:21 AM
The problem was that the features were setup as dependents of "always install" and so there was never any option but to install these features.

No need for assistance now :)