View Full Version : VB.NET Service uninstalling problem

10-18-2004, 09:07 AM
Don't know if I'm in the correct forum or not.

I have 4 Windows Services that I created with VB.NET 2003. I wanted to have them as features (optional installs) of the same installation. I found out that I can't do this through .NET's Setup Project, so I'm trying the Installshield Express 5 that is integrated into VS.NET 2003.

I was able to make those 4 services into features, and succeeded in getting a custom install (i.e. only 1 of the services) by creating a custom action that called VS.NET's InstallUtil.exe utility and passed it the parameter of the location of my service. Then I had another custom action to call "net start <servicename>". Both of those seemed to work fine.

The problem I am encountering is on Uninstall. I tried to create two more custom actions for uninstall; one that called "net stop <servicename>", and the other to call InstallUtil /u <service filename>. It seems that the project uninstalls everything, including the files that the service is running from, but fails to stop and uninstall the service. I've tried just about everything, and can't seem to figure it out.

Anyone have any suggestions?