View Full Version : QuickPatch, Updates, & Upgrades

10-06-2004, 05:06 PM
I'm putting finishing touches on a new product, the install file built with Express 5, and I'm trying to plan appropriately for distributing future updates. The goal is to be able to provide customers with an always-current-at-the-time CD, and to have an Update file available from a public location on my website at all times. Whenever a new release is made, new customers get a current CD and old customers can download the Update. The Update file needs to be able to update any installed version to the latest(this means major upgrades and minor updates), and if no version is installed it should prompt for the original CD/setup file. QuickPatch seems to be the key to all this but documentation is, um, lacking. The expertise seems to exist in the forums though. Can someone outline the key Do's and Don'ts to make my future liveable?