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09-06-2004, 11:04 AM
Can anybody help me with the next problem?
EX Somebody from InstallShield Support or so !!
I am running short of time.

I upgraded to InstallShield X Express and found a difficulty with the BDE. (the bde merge module 5.1.1 is correct installed)
In the bdemerge.ini file the settings for an Alias 'MyProgram' are:

In the Gererall information of the ExpressProject at the productproperties the INSTALLDIR is: [ProgramFilesFolder]MyProgram
InstallSetting are that the user can change the install dir.

These settings worked fine with the previous versions of IS-Express.

Now when MyProgram is installed, the only drive that can be used is the C-drive because the BDE always sets the alias to C:\Program Files\MyProgram\aFolder ! even if I or the user chooses an other drive for the Install of MyProgram.
(The BDE on the target machine was installed correctly)

What have I done wrong?
How do I have to change the BDE settings or the INSTALLDIR settings to get the alias to be installed on any drive on the target machine there is?

thanks for the Help!