View Full Version : why rtf???

12-04-2001, 06:35 PM
Install Shield 3.03 is forcing you to use rich text format for the readme files. Why is this????

All of our readmes are in text from ISX2.

1) Is there a way to keep the readme as text in the readme dialog

2) if not, is the converter available so that we can convert text readme files to rtf?


12-05-2001, 11:37 AM
It looks like Windows Installer requires this rtf format to display scrollable text. To verify :

Launch the Msi Help file and select "Control Table" from Index
Click on the "Controls" link under the topic "Type"
Click on the "ScrollableText" link in the table
Look at the description for the "Text" property. It says "Enter the RTF text string..."

FYI - The Control Table is what dictates the behavior of all the dialogs.