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Andrew Badge
12-03-2001, 10:16 PM

i've been battling to get Express 3.51 to install files correctly and I've just found out why it doesn't (I think).

After creating a new Crystal Report URL DLL and adding it to my project I found the date format displayed was incorrect and inconsistant.


Filename Actual Mod date Express Display Date

mapisvc.inf 22/11/2001 22/11/2001

cruflqsp.dll 4/12/2001 12/4/2001

Obviously this is inconsistant! I don't know if this is why some files don't install at all...but it seems to me to be a problem.

PS My locale and date formats are ALL in australian/british format
ie dd/mm/yyyy

See the attached screen shot for an example. Note the difference between the browsing section in Express and the destination section.

Anyone else found this to be problem?
anyone know if it will be fixed in the next update?

12-04-2001, 10:02 AM
This was fixed in Express 3.53 (Should be available this week). If you do a search on this message group you will see a few postings regarding this subject. one or two people actually confirmed that Express 3.53 (the early beta version) fixed in their cases.