View Full Version : Oldie: ISX 213 bug spanning disks? Help!

12-01-2001, 07:13 PM

I'm using ISX 213 to build floppy disk install program for my application, and have run into the following issue:

When installing from the (7) floppies, the main executable is not completely copied to the target directory. I can see the copy of the EXE start from the very first disk, but quickly several other files are copied and the main application EXE is never finished copying.

When I look at the target directory, the EXE has been truncated from about 1.8 megs down to 350K!!

If i build & run the identical setup to a CD, it installs perfectly!

I have previously made almost identical floppy installs which work no problems; I have made a few minor changes to the EXE and changed one OCX file I am distributing, now it is not working!

I know this is an obsolete product, but I need to supply my users with a floppy-based install for their ancient laptops! -

FYI, the target platform OS is win95 build 950 altho the same probelm occurs with win98.

Any suggestions / workarounds would be appreciated!



12-02-2001, 03:45 PM
OK---I found the problem!! After a lot of head scratching I reformatted the first floppy disk and discovered a track 1 error! What is interesting is that none of the file copies ever detected this defect!

I formatted a new floppy, the install now runs correctly!