View Full Version : VB project missing files??

08-23-2004, 01:21 PM
perhaps this is an InstalShield newbie issue, but I've been fighting with it for a day and can't figure it out...

I started with the vb project wizard and I see all my dependent files (.ocx, .dll, etc) in the "Application Files" area of the project assistant.

But when I test the installation on a target machine, it doesn't install any of the dependent files, only the files that I manually added. Do I have to remove the dependent files and manually add them? Will it register them on my target machines correctly?

Help! and thanks in advance!

Chuck Ros


Mike Marino
08-23-2004, 03:52 PM
I have seen an issue similar to this. There are 2 potential causes:

1. The files are not getting added to a feature. To see if this is the problem, open your project, go to the Files view, and in the Combo at the top, select the features in your project, go through each feature and make sure all files are associated with a feature. If one of the files in question, only appear whne the combo option "All Features" is selected. If that is the problem, send me the project file (ISE) (mmarino@macrovision.com) and I will fix it.

2. If all of the files are associated with a feature, make sure the features are set to be installed by default. This can be set in the Features view. Files from the VB Wizard are placed into a Feature called something like "ScannedFiles". Set the Required Property of this feature to "Yes". That should fix the problem.

Hope this helps.