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Andrew Badge
11-28-2001, 11:25 PM

I'm using Installshield Express 3.51. I previously used Express 2.1...

I distribute updates to my sites multiple times per month. Each site downloads the files (using a CD-ROM formatted package) to the same folder each time. (This is all automated).

The setup is then run, which will [hopefully] upgrade the exisiting version to the downloaded version.

I'm having two problems;

In Windows 9x, no files are installed on the first run. If the Repair is run, the files get installed. note...the previous files versions are removed, but not replaced.

In windows 2000, the user is prompted for the MSI package (i presume the previous version). Even if the correct previous MSi is found, the setup complains this is incorrect. If Cancel is chosen the files are installed correctly.

Now...I know this has to do with Major Upgrades. I update the version number (minor version and revision) AND product code each time. I have an upgrade path with the correct upgrade code.

Using the commandline switch "REINSTALLMODE=voums" does not actually install any files (see related Kb article)... and no custom dialogs are run. Obviuosly this performs a different behaviour than requirement.

It seems to me that 3.51 has some major problems for setups that are update frequently.

All I'm trying to do is update a dozen files and run one program at the end. Doesn't sound hard does it?? It wasn't in Express 2.1...

Andrew Badge
11-29-2001, 12:37 AM
more information...
Not absolutely confirmed (six machines so far...only windows 2000)...

I found that the machine with the error, have two entries in Add/Remove programs. this may have been due to our initial test update, so may not be widely distributed.

We might might be able to manually fix this be removeing both entries and reinstalling.

However...I assume the only way to get two distinct entries is to have two distinct Upgrade codes?? therefore why does an installation with a seperate and distinct upgrade code cause another installation to fail????