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bob kochem
11-26-2001, 09:05 PM
I'm using ISExpress3.5 to install a VB6.0 project. My build machine is a P3 running WindowsME

Several users have been able to install and run the application OK, on varying (unknown) machines.

One other customer reports that he can install the program OK, but when he runs it he gets an error message such as
"Can't find file MSVBVM60.DLL"

I looked through the "Files & features" and the "Objects/Merge Modules" and don't see that files listed, nor do I even see a checkbox for it.

How do I correct this? How can I look at the Installshield screens and even verify that it is or isn't built into the SETUP?

Thanks a lot,

Bob Kochem

11-27-2001, 11:42 AM
This was most probably added as a merge module assuming you did a static or VB scan. To verify, go to the Merge Modules View and scroll to the bottom of the left-upper panel. You should see a module named "Visual Basic Virtual Machine" (If you highlight it and look in the lower-left panle you will see it's named msvbvm60.msm). If this is selected (has a check in the box) it is included in your project.

bob kochem
11-27-2001, 03:56 PM

I went into Merge Mododules, as you suggested, and I can find the checkbox for the VB Virtual Machine as you say.

It is *not* checked. Can I just check it and that will add it on the next build?

As a general question,

- When I start a project as VB, it does a scan - why doesn't that catch this dependency?

- Do I have to do one of or all of a Static, Running, and VB Project Scan? It looks like if I do that, some components will get added multiple times. (I tried that once and it put *3* copies of my PROJECT.EXE file into the install set.)

I am just getting used to ISExpress3.5 having used version 2.x for a couple years. There was only one "scan" to be done there, and it never missed a needed file. I find it confusing that there are multiple scan types in v3.5, that they can miss key files, and that they can put multiple copies of dependencies into the install set.

Any info that can be provided to clarify this will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

Bob Kochem

11-28-2001, 09:09 AM
Yes, just adding the merge module will include it in your next build. I am very suprised that the VB scan did not pick this up however :confused:. I assume you ARE using VB6?

Here is what the scanners do. The VB Scanner just looks at the Vbp file you are importing and adds the files and references it mentions (you can open the vbp file in notepad). These are pretty much the Project References and Components you add while creating your project.

This then kicks off the Static Scan which looks at all the files added and picks up their dependencies. Doing a Dynamic Scan exposes the entire functionality of the program and picks up additional files which may be needed for the program to run, but do not appear as a dependency.

We are also aware of the problem where some files get added more than once and are working on a method to keep this from happening but still keep the scanner working at a descent speed.
The only safeguard we have against that is currently for the build to catch it and flag it.

bob kochem
11-28-2001, 08:56 PM

Yes, I am definitely using VB6.

I will checkoff the file under Merge Modules and it should be OK after that.

I'll consider this closed.

Thanks for you assistance.