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Wim Looman
11-26-2001, 04:45 AM
We are trying to use installshield 3.5 but are running into some problems, whitch don''t appear in version 2.13.

First, the changes made in the Destination computer's registry view are not made on the destinations computer. Is there any reason for this?

Second, we have about 100 customers. When 1 customer discovers an error in our program, we send him an update. This goes on until ones a year everybody gets an update. How can we use the product code and upgrade code if the code is not the same at all the customers?

We seriously think about going back to version 2.13. The registry settings made there are made to the destinations pc as well and no worry's about product code's.

Any help is welcome, thanks in advantage,
Wim Looman
Hills automatisering bv

11-26-2001, 10:43 AM
Are the users running the installs with Admin priviledges? Express 3.x uses the Microsoft Windows Installer technology and it might be requiring Admin priviledges to write some registry values.

The way you ditribute updates might be a problem because each update might be different from the other right? Your base install (the original first version upon which updates are applied) will have a certain Product Code and Upgrade Code. This will be the same on every machine this is installed on. You can create upgrades for this as your user requires. You can make a copy of the original setup project (ism file), open it add the fixed files, increase the version number, change the Product Code, but keep the same Upgrade Code. Upgarding a product using an Upgrade Path looks ONLY for the Upgrade Code. Not the Product Code. So as long as the Upgrade Code is the same on all you updates upgrading to a newer version (Using Upgrade Paths) should not be a problem.

If you however want to leave the Product Codes and Upgrade Codes alone, you can try Patching. This will replace just the files that need to change (and reg entries etc, etc..) without changine the Product Code or Upgrade Code. Unfortunately Patching is NOT supported in Express. You will need InstallShield Developer 7.0 for that functionality.