View Full Version : Express v. 2.04 and Windows XP

11-22-2001, 09:35 AM
This may have been asked, but I am new. Building on a Win 98 machine with VB 6 and IS Express v 2.04 has worked on Win 2000, ME, 95 and 98. Now, some people have given us feed back that on Win XP, there is a problem. One said that when he rebooted after installation, the system locked up so bad he had to format and reinstall XP!
We are including these files in our package:
Msvbvnm60.dll; oleaut32.dll; olepro32.dll; asycfilt.dll; stdole2.tlb; comcat.dll; comct232.ocx; msmapi32.ocx; mscomctl.ocx; tabctl32.ocx
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.