View Full Version : patch again- need help!

08-05-2004, 06:02 AM
hi. I cannot solvethe problem with the patch which has to replace files with the newer ones.
what I Do: I use the IS 7.04
I select "Create Patch" from Tools menu
I set the previous and the newer packages, mark "include entire files" and move to "New features" the features containing files I want to unconditionally(!) reinstall.

i create the package.

after the package is applied, it changes smthing (support info, for example. it also adds new files).

But the OLD files I wanted to replace remain, they are not changed!
Though: the newer files have the greater version (for example, the old file has version, and the new one has

is there any way to tell windows installer to REPLACE the files?
what affects it? why the files are not replaced?