View Full Version : Can I have support files in merge modules

08-05-2004, 04:41 AM
Hi everyone,

I am authoring a merge module that needs to install/register/update a COM dll via custom actions.

The reason being is that it has to be hot-updated, while it is in use by other processes. The way to do it is to install and register it with a new name when it is in use.

My question is:
1)Can I have it as a support file in the module and rename and copy it as it suits via a custom action? If yes, how do I add it to the merge module and how do I access it from the custom action?

2)If the above is not feasible can I tell MoveFiles to rename my file on the fly?

3)Can I access the binaries compressed inside the CAB section of the module from the custom action? If not, perhaps once they got decompressed into temporary files on the user's system? This way I could just use the 0 condition for the dll component to be moved by MoveFiles and manipulate it from the CAs.

4)Perhaps I could have it as a binary in the module like the CA dlls. But then again how do I access it?

All [polite] suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance for any help on this.