View Full Version : Uninstall all files ?

11-19-2001, 09:10 AM

i´m using ISX 3.52 german and have a “newbee” problem with uninstallation. After uninstalling with parameter remove=all there are always the same *.exe and *.dll files left in the root directory. What can I do to remove them also ? They use no flaggs as Sahred etc.

Thanks for any help

11-19-2001, 03:15 PM
Go to the Files View of your project. Right click on these files and look at the Advanced Tab of the Properties. See if the "Permanent" property has been selected. If so, uncheck it and build again. That should remove the files during uninstall.

11-19-2001, 03:23 PM
Thanks for your answer. As i mentioned bevore, nothing is selected - no permanent and nothing on the first Tab. The Check is only on use systemattributes ....

11-20-2001, 04:40 PM
What do you mean by you uninstall with remove=all parameter? What happens if you just uninstall the project from Add/Remove Programs? Are these files that you added or something that got added from a merge module?

11-21-2001, 02:14 AM
When I unsinstall without that parameter, these files and also the files and directories which are created from the applakation are left, they are not uninstalled.

The files I described are the main files from the applacation and are not from a merge modul or copied manual etc.. The will be installed in the root directory of our application by the installshield setup.