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07-30-2004, 07:16 AM

I am creating an Installscript MSI project. The reason i am putting mu post here is that it may be a problem with installscript code that i am writing.

I want to enable the maintenance mode so that the user can view the Modify, Repair and Remove option the second time the user runs his setup.

I have Enable Maintenance as yes. However, every time I run the setup it goes to OnFirstUpdateUI.

I also changed the OnCPPSearch function to redirect it to OnMaintUIBefore if there is a registry entry for it. It displays the screen but before the files start to copy it again goes back to OnFirstUpdateUI function. :eek:

I also tried to create a new project with no code to it but it has the same result, i cannot see the Maintenance screen. :(

Please help me get back my maintenance screen.

Geets :confused:

07-30-2004, 08:16 AM
Are you running from the graphical environment? If so, perhaps clear the setting Tools > Options > Preferences > Uninstall before installing.

07-30-2004, 11:22 PM
Thanks Robert,

It worked...