View Full Version : Error 1202: No admin-rights for installing

Thomas PreiƟ
11-16-2001, 06:02 PM
I poeple!

I am using Installshield Express 3.04 and have a Problem
for what i havn't found a solution until now.

I made an Install-Version of my programm with Install-Shield
and tried to install my Install-Version to a computer with
Windows NT 4.0 running as a normal User (no Admin!).

It is not possible to install, because of the normal user has no Admin-Rights.
Error 1202: No rights to do this install for all users on this computer.

This Error appears directly after the installer-window (2nd)
"configuring the windows installer..." appears. (after checking...)

Please Help me!! It is very urgent because of many many
CD-Roms to be pressed.

Thanks a lot

11-19-2001, 02:50 PM
Admin priviledges are required to install your setup on a clean machine (one that does not have the Windows Installer engine already installed). If you install the Windows Installer (WI) as an admin (by just running the instmsiw.exe file in the release location) on this machine and then run your setup as a user, you should not get this error. To find out whether WI is installed, look for a file named msi.dll in the Sysetm32 folder.