View Full Version : Dynamic file linking: relative or source path variables?

07-29-2004, 01:38 PM
I'm up against another roadblock.

We currently have two branches going, each of which gets built by our nightly build. Some of the files get included by dynamic linking. But since we have two trees at the same time, the absolute paths to the files in question are different for each tree.

This means that one of the two branches is including the wrong version of the files; it's fetching from the other tree, because the folder for dynamic linking is absolute. I've tried various relative paths (e.g. ..\lib\*.*) and that doesn't work. I've also tried relocating files to the InstallShield project directory and using the <ISProjectDir> variable, but that doesn't work.

This has to be a common problem. People may have multiple branches going, or may be building a developer and QA version at the same time. What is the solution? :confused:



07-29-2004, 02:08 PM
No sooner did I enter this note when I realized that it needs to be <ISProjectFolder> and not <ISProjectDir>. (Why it's not consistent with the VS naming convention is beyond me.)

However, this only seems to work for dynamically linked folders. There's no way I can see to do it for ordinary file inclusions. So it's still not quite perfect, but it's now manageable.